Simply drop off your work during our opening hours to get your work fired at 1280. We will then weigh and process your items, and send you an online invoice. Once paid and the work fired, we will notify you when the order is ready for collection.

we offer the following firing services in order of most to least frequent. 

Price is $9 per kg per firing and turnaround time is around 7-14 days.

You will need:

Name, email address, maker mark either on the box, or a note within the box.

We repack all your work back into the same container so you could just collect the entire order without hunting for your work.

Glaze dripping onto kiln shelve will incur a $15 repair fee, if you are unsure about how the glaze will run please have a cookie that covers the entire base of the pot plus a bit as a safety measure.

  • Bisque (~1000c / cone 06)

  • Stoneware (~1280c / cone 9)

  • Mid-Fire (~1200c / cone 5)

  • Earthenware (~1080c / cone 04)

By using our firing service you agree to our Firing Terms & Conditions