Claire Ellis Ceramics

Egg Display Plate

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About the Maker

Claire Ellis is a Canadian-born emerging ceramic artist. While working as a chef at the world-renowned Melbourne restaurant Attica in 2019, Ellis began making tableware for the tasting menu as part of the creative development team.

During the COVID-19 lock-down in 2020 she established Attica Studio Ceramics within the restaurant. In 2021 she founded Claire Ellis Ceramics.

Ellis’ chef experience influences her work through a focus on raw materials and experimentation. Currently, her research focuses on incorporating transformed waste materials into her work, including glass, plastic and organic materials.

Dimension: 20 h x 255 w

Material: Stoneware

Every piece is hand made, slight variation in size and texture are to be expected and embraced.

We try our best to represent the colour of the work with our photography, but viewing on different monitors and devices will result in slightly different colour rendition.