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Tungsten Carbide Trimming tools TC-6

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TC-6 Blade Size: 30mm long x 12mm wide

Tungsten carbide trimming tools were designed and made by Hsin-Chuen Lin, who most potters would know from his generous YouTube channel sharing his wealth of knowledge and technique.

For those who are using tungsten tools for the first time, please read through the information below, as they require a bit of special attention given the hardness of the material, it also makes them brittle, so impact with hard surfaces such as concrete floor could shatter the tool.


The tools are stainless steel handles brazed with tungsten carbide blades. It can maintain a sharp cutting edge longer. Tungsten carbide is not related to steel, nor is it flexible or bendable in the fingers. Do not bend the end to see how strong it is.
Tungsten carbide is a very hard, dense material (ranking about 9 on the Mohs scale). It is somewhat as brittle as fired ceramics. One must take care to keep them from bumping each other, falls, or being jumbled in a toolbox when traveling.

Resharpening instruction:

The blades stay sharp for months. If needed, using a fine diamond file sharpen the inner side of the tools. The outside part of the tools has already beveled. By filing the inner part of the tools you should be able to make the tools sharp again.

Please watch the resharpening video here:

Please watch the video on how to use the tools for trimming and creating chattering textures.