Studio Portage

Large Shell Vase #2

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About the Maker

Andrea is a ceramicist based in Melbourne, Australia. After discovering the art of clay in 2020, she was inspired to gain in-depth knowledge of different clay bodies and glaze materials. Her work often reflects her love of nature and the desire to live sustainably by selecting natural ingredients and creating simple, functional pieces. Andrea’s work looks at the relationship between earth and spirit and offers people a moment to connect.

The name Studio Portage is a reference to Andrea’s Canadian roots and growing up in the wilderness of Ontario. The word portage means to carry over land from one body of water to another. It is symbolic of one’s desire to transition through life and reshape ourselves.

Dimension: 105 h x 90 w

Material: Stoneware

Every piece is hand made, slight variation in size and texture are to be expected and embraced.

We try our best to represent the colour of the work with our photography, but viewing on different monitors and devices will result in slightly different colour rendition.